High Back Executive Chair - OC4044


High Back Executive Chair - OC7026


Ergonomic Task Chair - OC4025


Ergonomic Task Chair - OC9930


High Back Executive Chair - OC6040


Ergonomic Task Chair - OC2154


Executive Office Chair - OC2039


Conference Chair - VC761

Conference Chair - VC760


Conference Chair - VC3080

Conference Chair - VC2035


Executive Office Chair - OC6039

Executive High Back Office Chair - OC938


Mesh Back Office Chair - OC5092F


Mesh Back Office Chair - OC5095


Mesh Desk Chair - OC363


Mesh Desk Chair - OC5054-1


Mesh Desk Chair - OC5051-1


Mesh Desk Chair - OC3067-1


Mesh Desk Chair - OC3067


Mesh Back Office Chair - OC5093


Mesh Back Office Chair - OC5092


Mesh Back Office Chair - OC5091


Mesh Back Office Chair - OC5090


Executive Desk Chair - OC9240


Executive Desk Chair - OC9262


Executive Desk Chair - OC9263


Executive Desk Chair - OC2191ES


Executive Desk Chair - OC2191E


Executive Leather Office Chair - OC6016


Executive Leather Office Chair - OC6047


Mesh Office Chair - OC922


Ergonomic Task Chair - OC4024


Conference Chair - VC754


Mesh Office Chair - OC926 HIGH BACK


Mesh Back Office Chair - OC918


Executive Desk Chair - OC2029


High Back Executive Chair - OC4081


High Back Executive Chair - OC4045


Working from office daily for a good 8 to 10 hours used to be a regular thing. But during the recent pandemic or we could say ever since the lockdown started, work from home has been really hectic. Knowing that you are available 24 x 7, the work load just keeps increasing and so does the working hours. What could happen next? Would the daily office routine, resume like before? These and many more questions keep going on in our minds. But now that the work from home environment has become a common thing, it is very important to take care of our health too.

Why the need of office chairs?

As we all know- Prevention is better than cure, then why not take care of our body before it is too late. Sitting for long hours affects your neck, back and waist. Being seated at the right angle, with right lumbar support helps our body to be in a more comfortable position.

Mozafar furniture brings you a variety of office furniture to choose from, which includes office chairs, executive chairs, conference chairs, office desk chairs and many more. Office chairs and executive chairs are uniquely designed to meet your body requirements. A high-quality ergonomic office chair and executive chair supports your spine at three different points. If our back is not in the right posture then it could lead to severe backache. Office chairs and executive chairs help you get the right posture. Buy office chairs Dubai online from Mozafar furniture and find the comfort and support you need for a healthy back. Buy office chairs online and executive chairs with an adjustable seat height and tilt mechanism, which gives way more comfort than your regular chair.

You could recreate your work station not only in office but also at home. Buy office desk chairs and executive chairs from Mozafar furniture, and make your work from home more fun and relaxing. You could select a favourite corner of your house and set up your work place with the office desk chairs. Buy office chairs online and give yourself the comfort and time needed for great and creative ideas at work. Not only office chairs, you could also opt for executive chairs, office desk chairs etc. Mozafar furniture also has a great collection of conference chairs. You could buy conference chairs and office chairs Dubai online from Mozafar furniture as per your office requirements.

How could you make your work station more fun?

If you are planning to setup a new work station in a commercial place or at your residence, then you should first visualize how would you like your work station to be. What kind of comfort are you looking for your staff and yourself? How long would you be in the same sitting position? Keeping the answers of all these questions in your mind, you start designing your work station. Buy office chair online, executive chair or office desk chair, and set it in a position where you could access your desk and your office files easily.

Comfort or Convenience, or Both?

While working we focus more on the tasks assigned to us and also the deadline. Completing task on time is always our top priority. But while we are busy focusing on the completion of our task, we forget that we are seated in the same position and posture for long hours. Mozafar furniture values the time and health of its customers. Hence buy office chairs Dubai online or executive chairs or even office desk chairs and find both, comfort for your body and convenience at work.

What Comfort are we looking for?

We think more about the looks than comfort, when it comes to designing home or office. How about getting looks and comfort both? Buy office chairs online or office desk chairs and executive chairs, and feel the difference. The elegantly designed, stylish office chairs and executive chairs, look great with any other furniture. You could choose from a wide range of furniture with great features. The adjustable seat height and adjustable backrest feature provide the ultimate comfort you need for a relaxed posture. The thick padded seats keep your bottom relaxed during the long working hours. Hence buy office chairs Dubai online from Mozafar furniture for the ultimate comfort you are looking for.

How could these chairs provide convenience?

While working you might go on conference call or client call. During the call if you need any particular data or file which is not on your PC or laptop, and is a bit away from your desk, then you would look for something with which you could have easy access to all. Buy office desk chairs online with smooth rolling nylon casters for easy mobility which has 360 degree swivel. These features are present in the office chairs of Mozafar furniture. They also come with a tilt mechanism along with a reclining backrest upto 135 degree angle. With these features you could easily access any data or file without getting up from your seat.

Mozafar Furniture has been a leading furniture company and specializes in all kinds of office furniture. It caters to several customers across the globe. However challenging or stressful your work is, we can’t promise 100 percent stress relief but yes, we assure you that with Mozafar office chairs, your body will always be in a non-stressed, relaxed and comfortable position.


Mozafar Furnitures LLC UAE, offers different kinds of office chairs like executive chairs, mesh chairs, task chairs and conference chairs.

Buy the best office chair online from Mozafar Furnitures LLC UAE. The features that these chairs offer is perfect for your long working hours. They come with ergonomic design and smooth rolling nylon casters for easy mobility. Its thick padded seats and adjustable seat height with tilt mechanism provides supreme comfort.

Material used for quality office chairs are chosen on the basis of their softness and colour/ pattern varieties. Buy office chairs online from Mozafar Furnitures LLC UAE. They provide quality office chairs made with materials like faux leather, PU leather and mesh and breathable fabric.

Mozafar Furnitures LLC UAE provides a one-year limited warranty on office chairs.

Buy office chairs online from Mozafar Furnitures LLC UAE, for great ergonomics and supreme comfort for your long-term working hours.

Mozafar Furnitures LLC UAE offers payment methods which include major credit cards, debit cards and wallets.

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