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Office furniture in Dubai

Office Furniture in Dubai is extended over a vast category. Mozafar Furnitures LLC, UAE is a leading furniture company that offers a wide range of unique, and stylishly designed office furniture in Dubai. You can explore our unique designs and enhance your workstation with our office furniture.

Be it the reception or the boss’s cabin, our premium office furniture will help you create an amazing high class work environment. We help you create your work space with elegance, comfort and style. Browse through a distinctive collection of office desks, office tables, conference tables, reception tables and much more. You can explore our office furniture by material, colour, style and customized space that can adapt to your choices and requirements.

Are you suffering from backache? Are you looking for comfort while working for long hours? Are class and style your eyes looking for? Is perfect ergonomic office setup your priority?

Then Mozafar Furniture LLC, UAE is the right destination for all your queries and requirements. You can buy furniture online from our office furniture store, which gives you a wide range of furniture to choose from. This would satisfy your health requirements, as well as create a space that would be conducive to your professional well-being.

You could follow few easy tips while picking the office furniture for your work space.

Perfect Ergonomic Design– While sitting for long working hours, it is very important to have a healthy posture. Ensure that your office desk has an ergonomic design in such a way that it doesn’t strain your neck. All our office furniture in Dubai offers the best ergonomic design.

Size, Height and Storage- The size and height of your office furniture matters a lot, especially office desks and office tables. The size and height should be ideal, to ensure sufficient space around the desk.  There should be systematic storage spaces, where things can be sorted and organized to ensure unnecessary stress.

Durable Material- The material of your office furniture makes a whole lot of difference. It should be affordable and durable as well as hassle-free while working.

If ergonomics is accompanied with class and style, then it would not only enhance the looks of your workstation, but also increase productivity. While purchasing office furniture in Dubai, it is very important to consider all aspects as this would involve a one-time investment. Mozafar Furnitures LLC, UAE, offers office furniture that provide ultimate comfort with perfect ergonomics.

Buy Office Furniture

Are you planning to Buy Office Furniture? Ever since the pandemic started, working environment has taken a huge transformation. From the way we work, to the space we work in. Keeping the concept of maintaining physical distance, there has been a lot of changes with regard to office designs, and these changes have been accepted across the globe.

Buy Office Furniture from Mozafar Furnitures LLC, UAE, that will give you a home-like environment at your workplace. Offices should provide workstations that are flexible and enhance productivity. Furniture that will create a positive atmosphere at the workplace.

While buying office furniture, let us see for some important aspects that would help create a great working experience.

Ergonomic Furniture– During the pandemic, people have learnt the importance of good health and staying fit. Hence buy office furniture, that will reduce the stress on the neck and back. Our ergonomic furniture helps you to stay comfortable during long working hours.

Socially Distant Setup- For safety of the employee’s, offices have started building spaces with the social distancing trend. Organizations having huge workforce have started investing to create safe spaces that inspire social distancing in their office décor. Our 2-seater and 4-seater workstations, office desks and office tables have partitions to maintain a safe working environment.

Resimercial Setup- During the lockdown, people were working from home. After the lockdown got lifted, people look forward for the same home-like environment in offices too. Nowadays, while designing offices, a lot of care is taken in placing the right lighting, preferences of house plants and durable upholstery.

Office Furniture plays a crucial role in this setup. It is very important to buy office furniture that incorporates comfort with style and provides flexibility while working, which Mozafar Furnitures is best at.

Proper Ventilation- The world is still recovering from a terrible health crisis. Proper air ventilation is very important for the movement of fresh air. Hence, create a workplace which will keep the environment not only breezy but also positive.

While recreating your workplace, a small change could bring about a huge difference, not only in your work but also increase your efficiency. Get the right office furniture and witness the greatest impact it does on your productivity.

An office that understands its employees, provides a comfortable working environment and thinks about their health and safety, would be the one with the loyal and hardworking workforce. Hence buy office furniture from Mozafar Furniture LLC, UAE and create a workplace, that every employee dreams of.

Office Desks and Office Tables

Often it is heard that people face a lot of stress at work place, and this has become a common phenomenon. Some might blame their colleagues and some might blame their bosses. Each one of us have our own concepts to fight against stress.

Stress could be due to many reasons out of which the most frequent ones are uncomfortable atmosphere in office. But there is one easy way with which you could beat office stress. Make few minor changes in your workstation. Yes. Workstation is an integral part of our work life. If there is comfort while working then one can enjoy work without taking stress.

Let us inspect a few essential changes that could contribute to reduce stress and help increase productivity.

Office Desks – We understand that every person is different and so are their preferences. Office Desk is a place where we spend 90% of our working time. So, it has to be unique and comfortable.

At Mozafar Furniture LLC UAE, you will find office desks that suits perfectly to your requirements. Our desks come with adjustable heights. Due to which, you can switch between sitting and standing while you work. Our desks are specifically designed to provide comfort.

Organizing a desk could be quite a task, hence we provide sufficient storage space to keep your desk clutter free and organized. Space could be another challenge when it comes to choosing office furniture. We offer, office desks that comes with partition where more people can be accommodated to save on office space. Desks with partition helps people to work without compromising on privacy and personal space.

Office Tables- Mozafar Furniture LLC, UAE has a dedicated team of designers who beautifully craft office tables which looks stylish, and provide comfort too. Our office tables will definitely elevate your workspace. Browse through our unique collection of office tables that fits perfectly in space and aesthetics.

If it is about recreating your office space, then Mozafar Furnitures LLC, UAE is the right destination for office furniture where you can choose from a wide range of office desks and office tables. Redefine your work experience with our classy and professional-looking office furniture.

Happy Shopping at Mozafar Furnitures LLC, UAE- A one-point stop for all your office furniture requirements.

Office Workstations

During the nationwide lockdown, many corporates were forced to migrate to their homes. That is the time when we realized that home could be turned into a workstation. Contrarily, when the lockdown was lifted, offices were expected to have a homely environment for working. Whether home or office, our workstation should have features that will provide comfort and at the same time look elegant too.

Mozafar Furnitures LLC, UAE offer a wide range of Office Workstations that are made from superior quality raw material. These workstations are ideal for offices of all kinds like industries, companies and organizations.

Our Collection- We have a large collection of office workstation that could match with your office interiors. You could choose from various colours as well as materials that suits your requirement. Also, to occupy less space and accommodate more people, you could check our 2-seater and 4-seater workstations too. Partition provided in office workstation for more people, help to maintain privacy as well as social distancing.

Space and Storage- To work as a team and be more productive, collaborative spaces could be occupied with our modern office workstations. Designed for efficiency and comfort while working, our office workstations are suitable for all type of working environment. Sufficient drawers and storage spaces help in keeping the workstation more organized and clutter free.

Delivering Excellence- Unlike other furniture companies, we deliver excellence in office furniture. We understand and share the latest trends in furniture and always deliver excellence in quality. Our collection is not different, but it is unique.

We provide smart office desks and office tables to enhance the look of your workstation, as well as design them in such a way that it helps to augment productivity. Our Modular Workstations come with superior quality and at the best affordable prices. Browse and explore our website to find the most beautiful and sophisticated piece of office workstation. Mozafar Furnitures LLC, UAE is a leading furniture company that caters to many clients across the globe.

Office Furniture Price
WS1835 FOUR PERSON 1950.00 د.إ
Office Table – OT5014 380.00 – 400.00 د.إ
OT5075 390.00 – 450.00 د.إ
WT1400 275.00 د.إ
WT1260 – د.إ
WT1200 225.00 د.إ
OT1712 400.00 د.إ
RT1715 1000.00 د.إ
RT1714 900.00 د.إ
WS1835 4 PERSON WHITE 1950.00 د.إ
WS1835 2 PERSON WHITE 1200.00 د.إ
WS1835 1 PERSON WHITE 600.00 د.إ
OT1722 GREY BEIGE 650.00 – 1095.00 د.إ
BS1710-2 DOOR GREY BEIGE 650.00 د.إ
BS1710-2 DOOR WHITE 650.00 د.إ
OT1704 WHITE 950.00 د.إ


Mozafar Furnitures LLC UAE, offers a wide range of office furnitures like bookshelves, conference tables, executive desks, office desks, office workstations and reception tables.

High-quality melamine material is used for office furniture at Mozafar Furnitures, LLC.

Office furniture should have good functionality and storage space. It should be elegant and stylish yet stable and durable. You could select an L-shaped desk, a two-seater or a four-seater depending on your requirement. A minimum of 3 drawers for storage is advisable. At Mozafar Furnitures LLC UAE, you get to choose office furniture from a variety of products like the WS1835 Four Person, WS1835 Two Person, OT1721, OT1728, RT 1715, etc. Each designed to perfectly recreate your work station.

Mozafar Furnitures LLC UAE provides a one-year limited warranty on office furniture.

Buy office furniture online from Mozafar Furnitures LLC UAE to recreate your work station with sophistication and convenience.

Mozafar Furnitures LLC UAE offers payment methods which include major credit cards, debit cards and wallets.

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