How to choose the Reception Furniture?

A work space’s reception furniture must meet two distinct but complementary goals: provide outstanding service to the employees who use it daily and effectively transmit the company’s corporate identity. Can these outstanding features be combined?
When selecting the table, chairs, screens, and other reception furniture, we must consider several factors including the design, color, material quality, functionality, ergonomics, budget, and, of course, the workspace, those square meters that we want to maximize. Below, some of these considerations or selection criteria will be examined in depth.

1. Aesthetic

The receptionist desk is a central focus in your office and can influence the first impression clients or customers have of your company. That means you need an appealing reception desk that reflects your company’s image. Choosing quality furniture in terms of design and size will help to maintain the aesthetics of the waiting room.

2. Material

Reception desks are available in various components, such as solid wood, laminate, fabric, and metal. Desks made of wood or laminate with a stained wood finish have a more traditional or natural look, whereas fabric panels, metal, and solid-coloured laminate, may appear more modern.

3. Shape and Size

The size and shape of your reception desk impact its overall appearance. A large desk may be trying to impose, whereas a small desk may appear unappealing. At Mozafar Furniture, reception desks are also available in a wide range of shapes. Often rectangular, but fluid patterns are also available.

4. Design Details

Aside from the shape, size, and components that go into a receptionist, other design features affect the aesthetics of the desk. For example, a desk with architecture and design moulding appears more ornate, whereas one with clean lines and a fine surface appears sleeker and much more minimalist. Desks with metal trim or floating glass transaction tops can also be found, adding visual interest.

5. Ergonomics and Functionality

As we have stated in several e-books and blog articles, the layout and elegance of reception furniture or work and effort should not be at odds with the features and ergonomics of the furniture. The current office furniture design understands how to merge these factors very well and provides us with a comprehensive catalog of furniture formed by and for individuals: waiting seats, counter soft furnishings, reception tables, and so on, that perfectly fulfill the function for which they were created while also having a visual aspect that is suited to the corporate design of each desk.

6. The Design, Color, and Materials used in construction

Any magazine, catalog, or web page of reception furniture manufacturers will tell you that the office furniture occupying your company’s reception space is critical for visitors to form a positive or negative first impression of your office. These professionals who specialize in designing office reception tables for the reception of all types of businesses are correct: the more or less classic, innovative, traditional, or vintage design of the reception table can transmit your corporate message much more effectively than the more complex investment manual that you can write.

The design, color, and manufacturing components of reception tables, bookcases, armchairs, and forced to wait for sofas, the operating chair for reception staff, or mobile partitions that differentiate the entrance from the intelligence officer workspace should be capable of conveying various details about:

7. Your Company’s Personality

The professionals who work in those surroundings have a relaxed but energetic and productive work environment and ecological sensitivity. It makes an impression on the visitors and gives them an idea of the company’s priorities and personality.

8. Energetic

An energetic design style may coincide with some of the styles mentioned earlier, particularly minimalist and eclectic, but emphasizes bright colors and clean lines. To avoid a cluttered reception area, stick to neutral colors like white for most of the furniture and add pops of color in the shape of an end table, a few chairs, or in some cases your receptionist’s desk. This design aesthetic can make your organization appear more lively and enjoyable.

9. Budget and Space

Space and budget are important considerations when selecting office furniture that matches your requirements. Many businesses opt for modular and reception furniture at an affordable price that fits all kinds of placement opportunities, like a glove.

10. Layout

The office reception tables and other furniture must be attractively arranged so they do not obstruct foot traffic. There should be enough space for the waiting area while also allowing the receptionist to function effectively.
The reception area in an office can influence clients’ and visitors’ first impressions of the company. As a result, the reception furniture must be both functional and appealing. Aside from being designed with functionality, the space must also be maximized to ensure comfort and mobility. Do you want us to assist you in choosing the ideal reception furniture for your business? Contact Mozafar furniture immediately and tell us about your project; we will gladly assist you.

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