Looking for a new Home Coffee Table in Dubai?

Interior design is an important aspect of every home. While all places should be decorated, living and social areas are vital. For one thing, these areas are where you spend the most time relaxing and entertaining guests, such as the living room or family room. One of the essential components of these rooms is the centrepiece, usually replaced by a coffee table.

Few home furniture is as frequently used as your centre table – from vases and trinkets to snacks and beverages, remote controls, magazines, and even feet. Your table has probably housed them all! It is often the piece of furniture entrusted with defining your living room seating area and creating clear zones when it is centrally located. To bring your coffee table ideas strategy to life, your coffee table must balance aesthetic impact and practical purpose.

1. CT393 Coffee Beige

It has an elegant and sophisticated design with a stable base that is strong and long-lasting.  It has a high load capacity and is Constructed of high-quality Wood & Glass and also provides a significant amount of area with a large table.  Includes two drawers for easy storage. Also included with the packaging material are assembly instructions and a 1-year limited guarantee. It comes in a Coffee-Beige colour, and the dimensions are 120 x 60. This coffee table provides a spot to set your morning cup of coffee and a location for your guests to arrange their drinks so they may enjoy them to the best.

2. CT906 Coffee Champ Marble

It has a robust bearing capacity, an elegant and fashionable design, and a sturdy foundation. It is constructed of Marble and high-quality Wood—a large tabletop with two drawers for handy storage. The dimensions are 120 x 60. It has a Champagne colour. With a one-year limited guarantee, assembly instructions are included with the package contents. This coffee table is the ideal canvas for displaying your uniqueness. A few suitable accessories will give your table personality and allow the space to do some talking. Decorate in a style, colour scheme, and accessories that reflect your individuality.

3. CT906 Coffee Beige Marble

It has been built with high-quality Wood and Marble. It has a stable base that is robust and durable with a strong bearing capacity, a large tabletop that provides a tonne of room, two drawers for easy storage, assembly instructions included with the package’s contents, and a one-year limited warranty. The dimensions are 120 x 60 and are available in Beige colour. It will make your living room more attractive.

4. CT905 Coffee Beige

It is made of high-quality Wood and Glass. It has a sturdy and durable foundation with a high bearing capacity, a spacious surface with plenty of space, two drawers for easy storage, assembly instructions included with the contents, and a one-year limited warranty. The dimensions are 120 x 60, and the colour is Beige. A smart and attractive coffee table can tie the other furniture and décor together. Statement coffee tables can also catch the attention of your guests and make your living space more intriguing and beautiful.

5. CT905 Coffee Champ

High-quality Wood and Glass were used in its construction. It contains two drawers for simple storage, a spacious tabletop with plenty of space, a sturdy base with a strong bearing capacity, assembly instructions included with the package’s contents, and a one-year limited warranty. The measurements are 120 x 60, and the colour is Champagne. This coffee table will help to change the home furniture layout. A space in your home can be filled with furnishings and still feel unfinished. It will fill that vacant space and tie everything in the living room together.

The primary purpose of a coffee table in your living area is to provide a variety of functions, ranging from storage to showcasing showpieces. Some home furniture designs are more functional, with many storage compartments for TV remotes, drink coasters, and periodicals. Others may be more minimalist, with a single storage space and classier designs to display art sculptures, green succulents, or unique handicrafts. A neatly placed home table or coffee table not only brightens the mood of the people who live there but also of guests who visit. An eye-catching table can enhance the elegance of a decorated room.


To ensure that your coffee table fits into the space, its height should be balanced with the sofa or armchairs surrounding it. Consider the overall size of your living area, as a tall coffee table may look out of place in a smaller space. Most coffee tables have a conventional height of 14 to 16 inches (36cm – 40cm). Aim for the same height as your sofa cushions or somewhat lower.
While coffee tables have typically been the same height as the surrounding sofa and chairs to make them easier to reach, more recent design trends favour shorter tables. This is typical in Scandi and Japanese-inspired décor, as it creates a clean, open sense while providing the convenience of another helpful surface. Low coffee tables, in addition to being a convenient location to put your drink, are also ideal for putting your feet up, providing a more casual and relaxed mood.
Coffee tables were initially placed behind the sofa rather than in front, making them much taller than we are accustomed to nowadays. A coffee table that is taller than the sofa will appear out of place unless you want to create a Victorian-inspired parlour – and will be uncomfortable to use. A low coffee table, in addition to being easy to reach from a seated posture, helps to protect sightlines, especially if you intend to decorate the tabletop.
To achieve balance, the breadth of your coffee table should be approximately two-thirds the width of your sofa. Following that, it is determined by the size of the room, the furnishings surrounding it, and your preferred aesthetic. Smaller tables will work if you have one sofa. A larger surface is more practical if people sitting on multiple couches use the coffee table.

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