Buying guide for comfortable Office Chairs in 2022

All over the world, whether at home or at the office, it’s fair to say that an employee sits for more than 3,000 hours a year, in his work chair. It is really important to invest in an office chair that supports the best features with a comfortable position. Choosing an office chair is a significant decision, as, it is a crucial component with real implications for your daily well-being. The best office chair price ranges from AED 300 to AED 900. To help you buy office chairs online the right way, here is everything you need to know about them. To make your decision easier, follow the buying guide listed below.


  1. Different types of office chairs
    • Executive Chairs
      This premium type of office chair offers high to medium backrest, backed with a full-swing chair mechanism. The executive chair provides support and comfort to the upper body. This adjustable and multi-functional chair is designed to convey authority and looks imposing in appearance. These office chair price ranges from budget friendly to higher cost, and is suitable to anyone looking for an economic range.
    • Mesh Chairs
      The mesh office chairs are mostly used because it offers comfortability. The contoured mesh back facilitates breathability. These chairs are light, easily movable and support an upright working posture. Mesh Office Chairs come with cosy support, a super comfortable backrest and a stylized design.
    • Task Chairs
      Task chairs are functional chairs that complement performance at your workplace. It spells elegance, aids good posture and is an asset you cannot miss. The chair offers convenience, is highly customisable to your body shape and promotes good posture. This office chair price is very competitive as compared to other chairs in the market.
    • Conference Chairs
      This chair provides a great seating comfort for conferences and meetings. They come with fixed arms, padded seats and sturdy backrest. The conference chair will enhance any space with ultimate stability and comfort.


  2. Good Material
  3. When you buy office chairs online, it is very important to keep in mind the material of the chair. Prioritise sustainable comfort over first impressions! Office chairs are built with different materials. Along with ergonomics, for a chair, material matters the most. But, the most important question is, how does the material feel to the skin? As you spend most of your time on your seat, it is crucial to select high quality material chairs.

    • Fabric
      A fabric-based office chair is softer and warmer. The fabric will not scratch and are available in unlimited colour and pattern selection. They are also highly durable and easy to clean. Fabric is highly used in office chairs to make it look elegant, formal and ease all your stress away.
    • Leather
      Office chairs made out of leather are flexible and resistant to spills and dirt. They will never lose colour or fade. Leather Office chairs meet the highest standards and can last for a lifetime. The leather fabric plays an important role in the chair’s comfort. It is very soft, supple and versatile looking.
    • Mesh
      Mesh is the breathable option for office chairs. With a variety of unique designs, it is quite malleable and provides customised support with adjustable features. The material allows airflow and is widely used in warmer spaces. It is very supportive, looks good and lasts long!


  4. Special features
    • Adjustable seat height
      The right seat height is essential and should allow you to place your feet flat on the floor. If it is too low, your elbows will be in an uncomfortable state. You will have to stretch, to reach your desk, which would lead to shoulder pain from leaning. If it is too high, you might have to slouch, leading to poor posture. This will also lead to back discomfort. Buy office chairs online with adjustable seat height features for best seating posture.
    • Arm rests
      Armrests help to maintain upright posture, reduce tension in the upper body and relax your back. Proper armrests align your shoulders, and support your arm adjacent to your trunk. Purchasing office chairs Dubai online, come with adjustable armrests that ensure your arms are at 90-degree bend, to avoid leaning on your desk. They guide your arms to a relaxed position and ease muscle tension. Armrests help to position your arms in such a way that your wrists are on the same level with your keyboard.
    • Swivel feature
      If you operate using two monitors, or use a u-shaped desk, you need a chair that comes with the swivel feature. Getting a 360-degree swivel feature office chair will prevent injury with their manoeuvrability that keeps you from straining.
    • Back recline
      Buy office chairs online that come with a reclining back feature. An adjustable backrest makes seating comfortable and allows greater tailored positioning. Chairs with tilt control are also another dimension of chair selection. It reduces the pressure on your spine and muscles and supports natural spine position.

Every chair has its own set of benefits. Each can be combined to find your perfect fit. The right chair defines the feel, style and durability from the outside in. If you have no budget constraints, then a higher office chair price range includes a good collection of chairs having ergonomic features. We hope this article will help you to get a head start on buying your perfect office chair!

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