7 best ways to style your Bookcase

Books aren’t just for reading; a bibliophile’s gathering can be aesthetically pleasing. However, the best approach to showcasing your books, framed photos, and other decor is all in the styling of your bookcase. Shelf styling is a beautiful piece that, when done correctly, brings out the personality in your space, from choosing the proper racks to obtaining the structure just right. Read on for our top ten styling bookcase tips for beautiful bookcases. Everything about bookshelf ideas styling begins with the shelving: getting this right and suitable for your space produces the canvas for your final masterpiece. Mozafar furniture bookcase tips will help you get the interior design concept that will bring your room and book collection to life.

1. Choose your ideal color

Place a bookcase wherever possible. If the wall is thin, you’ll gain some shelves without sacrificing too much square footage. You also need to choose an ideal color. If you’ve decided on a wooden bookcase, you’ll need to select a color that complements your decor. Because of its versatility, for example, it is frequently chosen as a base material; it is available in a wide range of colors and tones, from light to darker, rustic finishes. Bookcase ideas may also consist of painting, making them available in various colors, including white or grey. When deciding on the color of your bookshelf, consider the color scheme in your room. To add texture to your space, consider using a darker color. On the other hand, lighter colors can make the room feel larger and more open.

2. Select Your Personality

The shelf style is an excellent place to start. There are numerous options to create various effects in your department, living room, or bedroom. Consider the shelving’s size, whether tall and narrow or wide and short, as well as the design shape.

  • Traditional

The most straightforward is a traditional corner bookshelf. They look fantastic in most configurations and generate a stylish aesthetic that is simple to incorporate your style into. They are typically three-sided with an accessible front.

  • Modern

A more modern design is ideal for rooms with minimalistic or contemporary decor. Because these shelves frequently have open sides or are made of thinner material, they can make a room feel more spacious. Scandic styles are frequently classified as “modern” because they are more straightforward than traditional aesthetics.

  • Industrial

Industrial chic is in, and your bookshelf can be a great place to showcase this fusion of modernity and tradition. Bookshelves that merge rustic wooden textures with metal can look fantastic in various settings. They look outstanding when the metal becomes a focal point in the room, trying to stand out from other wooden bookshelf furniture, catching the light and accentuating different textures.

3. Choose the Correct Material

When choosing bookshelves online, the looks are what is important. However, with looks, the material also plays a crucial role. There are many bookshelves available such as wood, metal and plastic. Plastic bookshelves are pocket-friendly but might have a minimum weight capacity. Therefore, metal and wooden bookshelves are considered to be sturdier.

4. Match the Aesthetic of your Home

If you prefer a minimalist design, you may want a bookcase with relatively open shelves. If you are a maximalist, your cabinets may be teeming with stacks of books of various shapes and sizes crammed into every available space. Determine how your bookcase ideas will interact with the rest of your house and decorate accordingly.

5. Add some Greenery

If your bookshelf is close to a window or a source of light from the sun, you may be able to energize it with verdant life by adding some houseplants or potted plants. To prevent water damage, ensure the plants have had enough room, water them regularly, and utilize a cachepot to grab excess water.

6. Complement the Space

A styled bookcase should bring out the room’s personality, so consider where your bookshelf furniture will go when selecting the style and shape. There are numerous ways to complement your room with shelving, so here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  • Fill in the Blanks

If any empty spaces in the room make it appear sparse, these could be ideal locations for bookshelves. Consider your available space before deciding which shelves to purchase to ensure they will fit into your room without feeling crowded.

  • A point of Interest

If the room is already simple, you could make the bookshelf styles a focal point or illustrate a collection of which you’re proud! In this case, you should enlarge or relocate the corner bookshelf. You could use a contrasting color, such as dark oak, in a lighter space.

  • Small and Inconspicuous

Rather than making it a focal point, you could style your bookcases to blend in with a room that already contains a primary priority. Select a smaller bookcase or a clean and simple design that complements the colors in your room.

7. Select an Arrangement Theme

Shelf styling options are virtually limitless: you can organize books by color palette, stack books laterally, sort by hardcovers and paperbacks, categorize by genre, and so on. There is no right or wrong way to organize your books; simply do what feels right.

Bookshelves often take up a lot of space in a living room, so it only makes perfect sense to decorate them as beautifully as possible. Whether you go simple or extravagant, renovating your bookcase is one of the easiest things to change a room. You must check the above tips given by Mozafar furniture.

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